Steve Seck grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. He went to school, had some friends & spent a whole lot of time listening to records, drawing cartoons & playing in bands. In fact, he moved to Brooklyn, NY to play in a band, but that didn't pan out so he went to the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Juncton, VT, & is now the proud owner of one of their highly coveted & very expensive pieces of paper. He currently lives in Jersey City, NJ with his wife & their two cats.


Steve makes comics with jokes in them. Sometimes people read them. Here is what some people who have read lots of comics & then read his comics have said about them:


“It’s hard to hate something that is this consistently funny and engaging unless you’re just trapped in a cycle of cynicism.” – Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth


"Mixing cartoony, expressive art with grotesque imagery has been a standard part of the underground comics playbook for more than forty years, but Seck breathes his own life into the formula thanks to the voices he creates for his characters.” – Rob Clough, High-Low


“It's awesome! Anyone who is a fan of Peter Bagge will want to grab this… Like Bagge, Seck captures the feeling in his art as well as his dialogue and plot… The images jar the reader out of the "funny animal" comfort zone just as much as their actions do.” – Rob McMonigal, Panel Patter


“Steve Seck delightfully reinvents the ‘Talking-Beer-Bottle-Who-Is-Friends-With-a-Homeless-Alligator’ genre for the 21st Century!” – Alex Robinson, Box Office Poison, The Ink Panthers Podcast


So if that gets you interested in the comics that Steve makes, maybe you should check out his online store where those comics can be purchased & mailed to you in exchange for a couple of bucks. Or, if you just want to poke around this website or follow him on Facebook and / or Tumblr, you can do that, too.